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Principal's Page

Dear Parents & Families:

Imagine a school where every child is guided, nurtured and encouraged each and every day.  Imagine a school that focuses on what works, what makes sense and what each and every young child needs to become a learner!  Welcome to Lathers Early Childhood & Kindergarten Center, where children and learning come FIRST!

Our teachers are outstanding, our programs are exemplary and we believe in the importance of the home-school partnership.  Lathers Early Childhood & Kindergarten is the first step in building the academic foundation that will strengthen your child’s learning and achievement in school.

Lathers has all of the kindergarten classrooms for Garden City Public Schools.   Our kindergarten teachers work collaboratively to ensure that every child in Garden City receives a quality, standards-based, common-core aligned curriculum.   Our teachers understand the importance of a successful year in kindergarten and work diligently to make sure that your child has the strong foundation in literacy and math that is needed.  In addition, our teachers believe in a balanced approach to making learning come alive for five year-olds.   Art, music, science, social studies, physical education, dramatic play and outdoor activities are an important part of the kindergarten experience.

Our school offers so many programs and opportunities for learning for children.   Our Children’s Corner program offers quality childcare, preschool,  after-school programs and summer programs.  In addition, Lathers offers Head Start preschool classes and Great Start Readiness Program classes.  We have many early intervention programs for special needs students including ECDD, special education and kindergarten.  Others special services include resource support, speech and language services, social work services and OT/PT programming. 


I hope you will join with me as we strive to instill life-long skills in our children, both academic and social. We need parents to partner with our staff as we create an environment that values education and emphasizes the importance of being kind, safe, respectful, and responsible.  

I am excited about getting to know the children and families that walk through the doors of Lathers.  I am confident that you will find Lathers and Garden City Schools a great place for your child to learn.

 Feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments or concerns that you may have during the course of the school year, so that I can better meet the needs of your child and your family.   I can be easily reached at 762-8490 or at fords@gardencityschools.com.


With great anticipation for a wonderful year,


Susan Ford, Principal