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Great Start Readiness Program (G.S.R.P.)


GSRP Free Preschool for 4-year olds 


  Do you have a child turning 4 by December 1? 


We are accepting applications for


Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) at Lathers School.


We offer full day classes, 4 days per week. 


Families can fill out an informational survey that will help us determine if your child is eligible for this program. 


During the school year, stop by Lathers for a packet at 28351 Marquette.  


In the summer, go to Central Office for the packet at 1333 Radcliff.


To learn more about GSRP go to:  www.gardencityschools.com 


(Click on schools, find Lathers and follow the Great Start Readiness Program links on the left.)

GSRP Flyer Image of Students