Student Council

Student Council: 
Mr. Davis -

The Student Council is an elected from the student body. The purpose of the Student Council is to coordinate and sponsor student activities, advocate students' concerns with the school administration, and to provide the opportunity for leadership development and positive social interactions. The Student Council sponsors such events as the Coming Home spirit days and dance; the Senior Oscars; and the Senior Breakfast. Be a voice for your classmates, develop your leadership skills, and have fun!


Student Council Officers for 2016-2017
Class of 2017

Class of 2018
Representative: Spencer Wooley Representative: Logan Wallace
Representative: Kennedy Stillwell Representative:  April Rudolph
Representative: Megan Coon Representative:  Chaunzey Motley
Representative: Evan Boelim Representative: Taylor Maglia
Treasurer: Taylor Clark  Treasurer:  Sophie Smith
Secretary:  Brittany Radtke  Secretary: Natalie Billings
Vice President: Andrew Davis  Vice President: Macenzie Woloch
President: Ryan Crifasi  President: Anna Kreiner
Class of 2019

Class of 2020
Representative:   Representative:  
Representative: Arianna Sawyer Representative:
Representative: Connor Pickens Representative:  
Representative: Tomas Catton Representative:  
Treasurer: Shelby Baker Treasurer: Anthony Burger
Secretary: Kristina Bovrane Secretary: Cecilia Catton
Vice President: Marlee Trager  Vice President: Joseph Flower
President: Alisha Saile President: Ellen Bowman
Exec Board 2015-16 School Year
  Historian: Marti Dzendzel  
  Parliamentarian: Emily Ivey  
  Treasurer: Sydney Baker  
  Secretary: Brooklyn Murray  
  Vice President: Marianna Seal  
  President: Dominic Tomasi  

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