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Playground Rules


  1.  Play safely so that others will not be knocked down.

 2.  Please do not grab, pull or tug clothing of classmates.

 3.  No standing on swings or jumping off of swings.

 4.  Remember good sportsmanship at all times. 

(Play by the rules of the game ?.)

 5.  Students must stay out of the mud and water.

 6.  Follow the directions of the adult in charge.

 7.  Climbing wall – climb up one side and down the other.  Climb up the side closest to the grass.  Climb down the side facing the blue climber.

 8.  No tackle football, piggyback rides, play fighting, piling or picking up other students.

 9.  No hardballs/baseballs allowed.

10. Douglas School is a NO SNOWBALL ZONE!!