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Pick up and Drop Off Plan

   Douglas 3-4 Campus

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Information

Parents, please leave the Hartel bus zone available for bus traffic.  This is not a drop off zone; if parents park in this area, it causes traffic flow problems for the entire school area.  We still have many families who are not following our drop-off procedures.  This is creating unsafe conditions for students and also problems for the bus traffic. 

When you drop your child off in the parking lot, remember to pull through, drop them off and then pull out, turning right only.  We have directed traffic this way, so that the traffic flow is more orderly at the intersection.

There are adult safeties at the corners and you can utilize them to help your child cross at one of those areas.  You may also choose to drop off children on the Harrison side of the building.  They can use the paved area to walk up to the building and find their lines. This side can also be used for pick-ups; just let the teacher know you want your child dismissed from the library doors.

Again, please do not park or drop your children off in the bus lane at any time. 

Thank you for your cooperation.


James Bohnwagner, Douglas Principal