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Dress Code

We follow the guidelines in the Garden City Schools Code of Conduct:

Students should dress and groom in good taste and in a manner that will do honor to Garden City Schools and themselves.  Student dress should be clean, safe and not disruptive to the educational process.  Apparel which advertises illegal substances or which displays inappropriate language/topics is prohibited.

 Our goal at Douglas is to provide the BEST learning environment for all children.  Dressing appropriately in school is a part of this goal.

Please remember:

Ø  No sandals or open-toed shoes

Ø  Crocs are allowed, but only with socks

Ø  No hats or bandanas in the bldg

Ø  No loungewear or flannel pants or PJ pants

Ø  No tank tops, muscle shirts or spaghetti strap shirts

Ø  Pants with large words/letters on the back are not allowed

Ø  If “fashion boots” are worn, alternate shoes must be

     used for playground.

Ø  Avoid t-shirts with sarcastic or rude messages***

Ø  Please do not send student to school with hair colors such as

     blue, green, pink, bright red, etc. (distracting to others)


***T-shirts with messages that are sarcastic have become quite popular!  Please monitor the messages that your child brings to school.  If the message conflicts with our school rules (BE RESPECTFUL), your child will be asked to change shirts or turn it inside out for the remainder of the day.  We have “extra” clothing in the office that is available to borrow, if needed.

 We often have SPIRIT DAYS, and for these days we do allow some silly wardrobe choices!  We do love to have fun, but our overall focus at Douglas is to have an environment that is conducive to learning.