How to Contact Us

To reserve the auditoirum or for more questions you can contact our building use representative Mrs. Susan Varner at or you can call her directly at (734) 762-8351 weekdays 7am-3pm.

  Our Staff

Auditorium Director
Mr. Richard Waronek
Mr. Waronek has been running the auditoium for the past 15 years, he continues to support, improve and upgrade the auditoium throughout every year. Mr. Waronek has student volunteers in the booth for school events teaching them the basics of the auditoium while also learning to run the light board, sound board, and spot lights.

Building Use Representative
Mrs. Susan Varner
(734) 762-8351

Auditorium Technicans
Zachary King -
Jason Mero

Student Employees
Justin McGowan
Thomas Catton