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Staff Descriptions

Teacher Consultant

Teacher consultants (TC) are teachers who are trained to work with students with a variety of handicaps. The teacher consultant must have a Masters Degree. They must have worked in special education for a minimum of three years.

Teacher consultants may work directly with students who are eligible for special education services, consult with special and general education teachers or work in a prevention capacity by conducting Help Team with parents and staff to evaluate student’s who are suspected of having a handicap. Many teacher consultants work with students and staff in all of these capacities.

Resource Room Teachers

Resource room teachers are trained as classroom teachers with a specialty in working with students with handicaps. The resource room teacher works with students with a variety of disabilities. The students are seen in the resource room for remedial academic instruction in the area (s) in which the student qualifies for services.  Resource teachers also work with special education students within the general education classroom settings.  This level of support can range from assisting the general education teacher in differentiating instruction, and monitoring student understanding and behavior to co-teaching or team teaching.

Cross Categorical Classroom Teachers

Cross Categorical classroom teachers service special education students in a segregated classroom setting at least 50% of their school day. They may also work with general education teachers to monitor student success in the general education setting and assist general education teachers with differentiating instruction to meet student needs.

Paraprofessionals (Aides) in the Classroom

Classroom aides may perform a variety of duties including classroom wide assistance or one-on-one support for children with severe disabilities.   Aides typically service self contained students. Some of the ways classroom aides may help the classroom teachers are by: 1) providing small group instruction, 2) monitoring school-home links through maintenance of assignment books, 3) implementing classroom wide or individual behavior management programs, 4) adjusting assignment requirements for individual students, 5) assisting with work completion, 6) providing communication between special and general education staff, and 7) helping student’s develop independent work habits.