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Parent Advisory Committee

Information for Parents  

 Below is the link to the Wayne County Intermediate School District Parent Handbook - on pages 34-35 is a suggested list of Parent Organizations/Contacts.

 Parent Handbook

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is an organization of parents, educators and administrators who are committed to sharing information and resources in a collaborative  manner to promote educational excellence for students with special needs to reach their maximum potential.

Navigating the special education process on behalf of our children can sometimes be overwhelming.

It is proven that when parents actively participate in partnership with their student's teachers and staff in the educational process, the outcomes for the student are better. This is especially true if the student has special needs. We encourage your involvement in your child's education. You are the expert on your child and the one constant in your child's life. You know your child best and will be there in the beginning, middle and end of their educational experience. The parent advisory committee representative can help you in this process.