5th Grade Curriculum Facts

MathThe Math and ELA curriculum at the 5-6 level is similar in content, providing scaffolding for the subject matter.  In math: fractions; decimals; percents; probability; measurement; geometry; data analysis; and problem solving are common areas of instruction.  Fifth grade also focuses on multiplication. 

ELA- In ELA, the writing process, using the 6+1 Traits, is used to teach students the skills necessary to complete the required essays for each grade level.  In reading instruction, the comprehension strategies and skills are taught, in conjunction with the study of the grade specific genres. 
Science- The inquiry process is used in 5th grade Science with the focus on:  Earth science (Solar System), Life science (Human and Animal Systems) and Physical science (Force and Motion).  
Social StudiesFifth grade Social Studies focuses mainly on American History.

World Language: Spanish-The goal of this class is to improve and develop Spanish listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. It emphasizes the ability to use and understand Spanish in context. The teacher will create a communicative climate focused on meaning so that language acquisition can take place naturally. Students will hold basic conversations, read simple passages, and write brief paragraphs at the novice level. Activities used will focus on a variety of learning styles and multiple intelligences. Students will also access knowledge from other disciplines through Spanish to reinforce concepts already learned as well as develop insight into the student's own language and culture.

 Art-Fifth grade students extend their lessons in visual art by focusing on building an understanding of multicultural art history and techniques. Through the study of historical and modern art from Mexico, China, Australia, Japan, Panama, and many European nations, students explore advance theories in multi-dimensional symmetry, visual plotting, painting technique, and collage. Students leaving Farmington 5-6 Campus have a solid understanding of color theory, drawing techniques, spacial relations, art history, and world art concepts.

Music-Our music curriculum, aligned to state and national standards, celebrates the joy of creating music through the study of melody, harmony and rhythm.  Students learn vocal techniques through singing multicultural folk songs, with an emphasis on American standards.  A highlight of our year is our crowd pleasing performance at O’Leary Auditorium.

 Technology-Our technology curriculum, aligned to state and national standards, helps to develop a love for technology while creating twenty-first century skills.  Students create documents, presentations, spreadsheets, podcast, animations, and digital stories using tools such as Movie Maker, Google Docs, and Microsoft Office.  All students at Farmington 5-6 Campus practice Internet safety skills and using reliable web pages during core curriculum research.

Physical Education and Health-The 5th grade Physical Education curriculum concentrates on skill formation associated with specific sports and general Fitness.  Sports include: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Baseball and Volleyball. Fitness activities include: stretching, curl ups, push ups, and running. The Health curriculum includes: Nutrition; Advantages of physical activity; Tobacco, Alcohol, and Toxin Awareness; Peer Pressure Resistance; Stress; and Personal Hygiene.

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