3rd Grade Curriculum Facts

Math-  The curriculum for 3rd grade math consists of the following: multiplication, division, place value, fractions, measurement, graphing, data, probability, estimation, problem solving, time, money, geometry, area and perimeter.

ELA- In 3rd grade the curriculum will concentrate on the following: cursive, spelling,writing process, grammar, research reports, graphic organizers, poetry, sentence structure, folktales and narratives. Reading in this grade will include; genres, retelling, fluency and reading comprehension, decoding, inferences, drawing conclusions, main idea and compare/contrast.
Science- The curriculum will include the study of; Weather, Energy (heat, light, sound), Plant and Animal Life and Scientific Method. 
Social Studies- Michigan Studies and Map Skills are the areas of study for 3rd grade. 
World Language: Japanese-Students will continue their study of Japanese through major Japanese holidays and celebrations. Students will be able to talk about themselves regarding topics such as name, age, birthday, phone number, and family. Students will become proficient with counting, colors, calendar, and weather. Students will compare their own culture with that of the Japanese.

 Art-In Third grade, students compound upon the art theories they learned in first and second grade, while visual art concepts such as spacial relations, positive and negative space, line form, and repetition are introduced. The style and history of famous artists, such as Piet Mondrian, Faith Ringgold, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Vincent van Gogh, are studied as they inspire the classroom projects of the students.  Color theory is explored deeper, including ideas about tertiary colors, color blending, and the gradation of color value.

 Music-The emphasis for the 3rd grade is on rhythm, beat, melody, and dynamics.  Rhythm instruments are used with songs that fit a certain lesson.  They continue with their study of the orchestral families, the sound they produce, and how they produce that sound.  They present a concert in mid to late winter.

 Technology-Third grade students continue to develop essential skills needed to operate a computer as a tool of learning, to be able to publish work and to solve problems. Internet safety continues to be a focus. Learning how to word process, apply basic keyboarding skills, use the internet, create spreadsheets and, and digital citizenship are among the many topics covered in technology class.

Physical Education-In third grade, students explore a variety of lessons that are based on the four areas of health: 1. emotional health 2. physical health 3. mental health 4. social health.  When we match these health areas up with each lesson, children have a well-rounded understanding of how to behave, react, engage, know, and make connections through each lesson. Children are involved throughout the school year in a variety of skills, activities, games, sports, and essential health lessons. The emphasis is on movement, fitness, and conditioning to help them to understand, early in their life, how important it is that fitness and good health become a part of their daily habit in their life away from school. Experiencing these various lessons throughout the year will develop, for our children, a solid foundation of lifelong disciplines that lead to a healthier lifestyle.


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