2nd Grade Curriculum Facts

Math- Memorial second grade students participate in a year long math journey.  It begins with understanding numeracy and number patterns.  They then learn to apply them as they grow in their ability to manipulate math concepts and apply them in their lives.
ELA-The second grade students at Memorial 1-2 Campus are taught to enjoy all types of literature. They can read, comprehend and retell stories that they have read, as well as create personal narratives, journals and poetry on their own.  They learn the skills that will enable them to be successful in school and in their lives as adults. 
Science- Memorial second grade students are developing their understanding that scientific inquiry and reasoning involves observing, questioning, investigating, recording, and developing solutions to problems.  It will be applied during the studies of physical science, earth exploration and plants. 
Social Studies- The second grade students at the Memorial 1-2 Campus receive an introduction to civics, history, geography, economics and government, not only within their local community, but state and national as well. 

World Language: Spanish-In second grade, students continue to learn about the language and cultures of the Spanish speaking countries.  Students add to the vocabulary learned in first grade with a continued focus on engaging in basic conversations that are meaningful to them.  They learn words and short phrases that they can use to greet one another; talk about how they are feeling; describe the weather; use calendar skills; and talk about their family, their pets, their community, and the world around then.

Art-In second grade, students continue to develop an understanding of visual art through the experimental use of a variety of art techniques and tools. Students are introduced to the ideas of texture, symmetry, and form through both drawing and working with three dimensional materials. Beginning ideas about color theory, including a study of the color wheel, warm and cool colors, and color mixing are introduced. Also, students begin to explore art history through an examination of famous artists such as Henri Matisse and Eric Carle. 

Music-Music is a popular class at Memorial Elementary.   Students learn how to perform as a class, as well as individually. They also learn basic concepts of music, such as counting, listening, and singing.  A recorder class is offered for selected advanced students.  A field trip to watch and listen to a professional musical ensemble is taken every year.  Students enjoy music, and it shows in their performances throughout the year.  Second grade students perform a Winter Concert and a Spring Musical.

Technology-Second grade students begin to develop essential skills needed to operate a computer as a tool of learning, to be able to publish work and to solve problems.  The students become familiar with the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiatives.  Learning how to word process, basic keyboarding, and digital citizenship are among the many topics covered in technology class.

 Physical Education-The second grade Physical Education/Health Curriculum is designed to help students develop the knowledge, fitness levels, motor skills, and personal and social skills to obtain the ultimate goal of a lifetime of physical activity and health.


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